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Ukulalien – Beryl


Meet Beryl. Beryl is a ukulele playing alien, or ukulalien. She is unknown on earth but is a big star on her home planet, where she plays deep-trance ukulele drone metal, using her own bio-electrically charged tentacles to distort the sounds. Her favourite song is The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull.

Height 19 cm, or  just under 8 inches.

Handmade from recycled aluminium and board.

If you would like to order a custom Ukulalien, just get in touch and tell me a name, favourite song, and anything else you find relevant and I will make it/him/her/they for you.


All my work is entirely hand made as one-offs and thus there may be very slight variations from the photographs.

I am more than happy to make personalised versions of my work, for example, you could chose a name to put on the scroll.

The packaging too will be carefully recycled to deliver your order in good shape and with a  lower carbon-footprint.


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